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History of Sojitz Pla-Net Corporation

March 2001 Pla-Net Holdings, Inc. established as a joint holding company of the plastics businesses of Nichimen Corporation and Nissho Iwai Corporation.
March 2002 Pla-Net Holdings acquired all shares of Chori Pla-Techno Co., Ltd. which was a subsidiary of Chori Co., Ltd.
September 2003 Nichimen Corporation spun off its plastics division to establish Pla-Net Corporation. In November 2003, Pla-Net Corporation became a subsidiary of Pla-Net Holdings.

January 2004 Pla-Net Corporation (the predecessor of Sojitz Pla-Net) established through the merger of Pla-Net, Nissho Iwai Plastic, and Chori Pla-Techno, subsidiaries of Pla-Net Holdings.
April 2004 Nichimen Corporation and Nissho Iwai Corporation merged to establish Sojitz Corporation.
April 2007 Pla-Net Corporation changed its name to Sojitz Pla-Net Corporation.
April 2015 Sojitz Pla-Net Holdings, Inc. was dissolved as a result of the absorption-type merger with Sojitz Corporation, and Sojitz Pla-Net Corporation became a wholly owned subsidiary of Sojitz Corporation.