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Plastic Resin Materials

Resins for Molding

  • Materials for household appliances

  • Automobile interior and exterior component materials

  • Office equipment materials

  • Housing materials

  • Plastic Compound materials and facilities

Products related to Plastics

  • Machinery, equipment, and processing technology licensing for plastic resin molding

  • Consignment production of electronic and electrical products and components

Packaging Materials

Plastic Packaging Materials

  • General purpose plastics: PE, EVA, PP, PS, and PET resin (domestic and foreign raw materials)

  • High-functionality / Barrier plastics: PA, EVOH, Tie resin, etc.

  • Plant-derived plastics: Green Polyethylene®, heat-resistant PLA, nano-hybrid capsules, etc.

Food and Pharmaceutical Packaging Materials

  • Sheets: OPS, A-PET, HIPS, PET sheets, etc.

  • General films: OPP, CPP, PET, BOPA, etc.

  • Barrier films: Fluoride films, Vapor-metalized films, Multi-layered films, etc.

  • Shrink films, Sealant films

  • Secondary processed goods of the above, molded products, containers

Commodities Packaging Materials

  • Garbage bags, grocery bags, T-Shirt bags, standard bags

  • Flexible container bags, industrial bags, other polyolefin bags

Industrial Films and Sheets

  • Base plates: Optical PET film, A-PET sheets, etc.

  • Protective films (for optical, sanitary, and general use) and resin raw materials

  • Solar cell module materials: Back sheets, Encapsulation sheets, and resin raw materials

  • Other functional films and sheets: Conductive sheets, hard coated films, adhesive films, release paper, etc.


Electronics Materials

Electronics materials

  • Printed circuit board business

  • LCD panel business

CCL & PCB Mounting

  • Copper-clad laminated plates

  • EMS & mounting

LCD panel products

  • Backlight unit
     Backlight component materials
     Reflective films, dispersion films, prisms films,
     Backlight frame resin

  • Touch panel modules
     ITO film, ITO glass,
     Laminated transparent layers
     Hard coating films
     Cover glass, cover resin