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green polyethylene

A new, plant-based material derived from sugar cane

Braskem Sogreen

About our products

The world's only manufacturer
of recyclable, environmentally-friendly polyethylene derived from sugar cane,
biopolyethylene (non-biodegradable resin)

Green polyethylene is a recyclable, environmentally-friendly biopolyethylene derived from sugar cane, manufactured exclusively by Braskem (located in Brazil).
Based on bioethanol, a raw material derived from sugar cane, biopolyethylene contributes to carbon neutrality by serving as an alternative to petrochemical polyethylene, without sacrificing the benefits and physical properties of traditional plastics.


Manufacturing process

  • Braskem possesses the technology for converting bioethanol, a material derived from sugar cane, into polyethylene. And it possesses agency rights in Asia.

  • After manufacturing biopolyethylene, the manufacturing flow is the same
    as for petrochemical polyethylene

製造過程 製造過程

The care we take toward the environment

Compared to petrochemical-derived PE,
significant reductions in CO₂ are possible.

Because the raw materials for green PE come from plant-based sugar cane, which absorbs CO2 through photosynthesis during its growth process, it achieves an offset of the CO2 generated during the manufacturing flow. According to a LCA (Life Cycle Assessment) conducted by a research company in Brazil, their evaluation was that ▲3.09 tons of CO2 were effectively reduced per manufactured ton of green PE.


Product features

  • Reduction in CO2 emissions

    The use of green polyethylene in your products will make it possible to reduce CO2 emissions by approximately 70% compared to petrochemical-derived polyethylene.

  • Improving brand values

    In today's society, where environmental issues are receiving increased attention, utilizing biomass plastics allows companies to showcase their commitment to protecting the environment.

  • Recyclable

    Because the raw materials for green PE are derived from recyclable sugar cane, by recycling your products after use, you can achieve a significant contribution towards a more sustainable society that is less dependent on petrochemical products.

  • Utilization of plant resources

    By utilizing plant-derived raw materials, we can achieve a diversification of resources, without depending on fossil fuels.

  • Highly versatile

    Green polyethylene has physical properties similar to petrochemical-derived polyethylene, making it possible to bioconvert products using existing facilities.

Examples of applications

All products that can be produced using petrochemical polyethylene can also be manufactured using green polyethylene, a material which has been progressively adopted in a various fields, including healthcare, pharmaceuticals, food, and household goods.

  • ボトル容器
    BOTTLE Bottles, containers
  • 包装
    PACKAGE Packaging
  • レジ袋
    PLASTIC BAG Disposable store bags
  • 食品容器
    FOOD CONTAINER Food containers
  • カトラリー
    CUTLERY Cutlery
  • PE手袋