We offer new value to the world
through plastic resin businesses.

As a core subsidiary company of Sojitz Corporation for plastic resin related businesses.
We have been dedicated to Japan’s plastic industry since its early days.
Nowadays, plastics industry is facing a turning point due to increase of public awareness of environmental issues symbolically represented by ocean plastic pollution.
We will continuously provide new value to the world through educing potentiality of plastic resins by optimizing our know-how, information of edge-cutting technology and latest market trend.



Own global network built up
by rich experiences

Sojitz Pla-Net Corporation is a distributor for Japan’s major plastics manufacturers and have been distributing their products over the world with utilizing our global network. Today, our global network helps us a lot in finding differentiated / competitive products not only Japanese manufacturers but also non-Japanese manufacturers. We meet market requirements by offering such new products.


Wide eco-friendly product line, various environmentally sustainable businesses and deep understanding of environmental issues

We are pioneer of environmentally sustainable plastic businesses in Japan which consist of resin recycling, distribution of recycled, biomass, and biodegradable plastic resins.
Notable instance is “I’m Green Polyethylene” by Brazilian Braskem S.A. produced 100% from sugarcane molasses. This product’s feature is CO2 absorption in sugarcane cultivating process exceeds CO2 emission in polymerization and transportation process of this product.
I’m Green Polyethylene is only one 100% segregation biomass polyethylene as of today. We distribute it as the exclusive distributor in Asia-Oceania Market.
We are ready to offer you any kind of sustainable plastic resins on your demand.


Widespread business activities
Offering best solution for you with optimizing our own experiences and information sources put throughout the world.

We cover almost all manufacturing industries as plastic resins are widely adopted as its nature from automotive, home appliances, housing, food packaging, and so forth.
Our team put our antennas throughout the market globally and set them high and sensitive to catch new market trend. This effort enables us to offer useful and effective ideas to you.

DataSojitz Pla-Net Corporation at a glance

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    Consolidated Budget Year 2022 ended in the end of March, 2023

  • Group companies:
    12社 国内4社 海外8社
  • Overseas cooperating stores

    Foreign affiliates of Sojitz engaging on plastic resin related businesses

  • Number of annual days off

    Paid leave, summer leave
    Excludes other special leaves

  • Percentage of women
    taking childcare leave

    After taking maternity leave
    100% return rate

  • “I’m Green Polyethylene®”
    CO₂ reduction rate

    Compared to conventional petrochemical Polyethylene,
    it enables a remarkable reduction of CO₂ emission.

  • Proportion of type of business(domestics)
  • Proportion of type of business(overseas)
  • “I‘m Green Polyethylene®”
    Volume handled

    March of 2021 consolidated


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