Sojitz Pla-Net Corporation defines its business domain as ”synthetic resins” and develops businesses relating to the business domain, such as raw materials, processed products, processing technology, processing equipment.
The following is the history of Sojitz Pla-Net since its establishment from the merger of three companies in January 2004.

  • 2004.01

    Establishment of Pla-Net Corporation

    Merger of the three companies of “Pla-Net” (Nichimen's synthetic resins division), “Nissho Iwai Plastics”, and “Chori Pla-Techno”.

  • 2004.04

    Establishment of Sojitz Corporation (parent company of Sojitz Pla-Net)

    Merger of Nichimen Corporation and Nissho Iwai Corporation.

  • 2005.02

    Capital participation in Takagi Auto Parts (Foshan) Co., Ltd.

    Made a significant contribution to the development of the local automotive industry with the company's precision molding technology, high-grade coating technology, and the large molds of Nanhai Huada Takagi established earlier. Subsequently invested in Wuhan Takagi Auto Parts in 2015.

  • 2005.11

    Establishment of Sojitz Plastics (Shenzhen) Ltd.

    Developed as a base for the company's activities in southern China by trading resins, parts/materials, products, and equipment through RMB settlement.

  • 2007.04

    Acquisition of exclusive distribution rights of Shengyi Technology Products in Japan

    Acquired exclusive distribution rights of CCL (copper-clad laminates) products of Shengyi Technology*, China in Japan market.
    *Shengyi Technology is the 2nd largest CCL manufacturer in the world and covers almost all types of CCL.

  • 2007.04

    Company name change to “Sojitz Pla-Net Corporation”

    Changed the company name from Pla-Net Corporation to Sojitz Pla-Net Corporation.

  • 2012.05

    Acquisition of marketing rights for “I’m Green Polyethylene" (GPE) in Asia and Oceania region, including Japan

    Acquired marketing rights for "I’m Green Polyethylene," a sugarcane-derived 100% biomass-based polyethylene resin manufactured by Brazil-based Braskem, in Asia and Oceania region, including Japan.

  • 2015.12

    Establishment of León Branch of Sojitz Plastics America

    Established a sales branch in León, Mexico, where significant growth was expected, especially in the automotive industry.

  • 2016.07

    Establishment of Wuhan Branch of Sojitz Plastics (Shenzhen) Ltd.

    Established a sales branch in Wuhan, where showed rapid growth to meet market needs with our high-quality services

  • 2016.12

    Investment in Sanko Svance JRG Tooling, an Indian mold manufacturer

    Started supporting dramatic expansion of India's automotive industry with high-quality precision molds made in India locally.


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