Distribution of barrier films which contribute to lightening environmental impact in Asia including Japan, Europe and Americas.

How to reduce food loss and waste is getting an essential global issue under current global population increase. Barrier films can extend shelf-life of foods by keeping freshness longer.
Functional packaging give variety of functions such as chemical resistance, mechanical strength and others which are required in industrial applications.
We distribute not only functional resins for barrier films or functional packaging but also films, sheets, those processed products. Provision of solutions optimizing our own global network is another function of us.

Food Barrier Packaging

Reducing food loss and waste through extension of shelf-life by using barrier films against food oxidation is one of the solutions for global food issues.

We handle a broad range of plastic resins applicable for such barrier films, such as “EVOH” resin, Polyamide resin (PA), and tie layer resin for multilayer barrier films.
We also handle barrier films and sheets with using above mentioned resins, Biaxially-oriented-polyamide films (BOPA), PDVC films, transparent vapour deposition films.
In terms of BOPA, we have two BOPA manufacturing affiliates, Finland and Canada for more than 20 years and distributing their products to the market.

Principal Products

  • EVOH、接着樹脂

    EVOH, Tie Layer resin

  • BOPAフィルム(二軸延伸ナイロンフィルム)

    BOPA films
    (biaxially-oriented polyamide films)

  • 透明蒸着フィルム

    Transparent vapor deposition films

    PA6, PP, PAMXD6, and others

  • PVDCフィルム

    PVDC films


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