Provision of various industrial films and sheets from raw films / sheets to processed products which supports manufacturing industrial products behind the scenes

We have established an integrated supply chain that covers everything from resin raw materials to films, sheets, and final packaging products across a variety of industrial fields, including electronic components, displays, and pharmaceuticals.
Our worldwide sales organization and sourcing network enable us to meet the needs of customers both in Japan and overseas.

Industrial films and sheets

From base films to functional products

We offer various polyester-based films for a wide variety of fields, including decorative and coating-related purposes, displays, and transportation of electronic components. We carry a wide range of films and sheets from standard rolls to processed products that support industrial products used in our everyday lives behind the scenes.

Principal Products

  • 原反

    Base films (in roll)

    PET films for optical applications, A-PET sheets, etc.

  • 保護フィルム、及び樹脂原料

    Protective films and raw materials/resins

    Protective films and synthetic resin for optical applications, construction materials, general use, etc.

  • 多機能性フィルム・シート

    Multifunctional films and sheets

    Conductive sheets, hard-coated adhesive films, release papers, etc.


  • Protective films for polarizing plates
  • FPC cover lays
  • Bonding separators

Pharmaceutical packaging materials and paper laminating films

Pharmaceutical/medical packaging materials, including PTP sheet “Tekni-Films”

We are exclusive distributor of “Tekni-Films” PTP (Press Through Package) sheet, a super moisture-proof barrier sheet for pharmaceutical tablets. The best barrier performance amongst various plastic resin solutions is secured with PCTFE resin, a kind of fluoropolymer.
We expand pharmaceutical packaging business based on this advantage.
In 2nd quarter of 2023, we had started manufacturing and marketing Bio-PTP sheet with “I’m Green Polyethylene” contents, called “Medi-Green®”.
In October 2023, we launched marketing of all PP mono-material PTP sheet and rid film “PURELAY” by Etimex, Germany in Japan.
Further information is available in our special web site

Principal Products

  • テクニフィルム


    Fluorine film-laminated PTP sheets

  • Medi Green

    Medi Green

    PVC-based PTP sheets with Green PE

  • ペーパーラミネーションフィルム

    Paper lamination films

    Functional films for paper lamination


  • High moisture-proof pharmaceutical tablet packaging with PTP sheet (good for Oral Disintegrant Tablets)
  • Eco- friendly PTP packaging
  • Anti-Scratch paper laminating films


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