Providing one-stop services for next-generation vehicles from synthetic resins and electronic materials

We are experiencing dramatic shift to Electronic Vehicles and CASE (Connected, Autonomous, Shared & Electric) in automotive industry.
We provide one-stop service for your electronic device manufacturing with optimizing our sourcing network of synthetic resins and electronic materials, our logistics services and our EMS (electronic manufacturing service) partners.

Raw materials and equipment, molds, vehicle parts for automobiles

Procurement support for synthetic resin raw materials for metal substitution.

We support engineering resin selection in design phase and arrange JIT delivery of resins to secure stable and well-organized production of automotive parts to automotive customers.
Processing equipment, molds, parts, etc. are also objectives which we handle for automotive industry throughout the world with using our global network.
Nowadays, metal substation with synthetic resins is proceeding year by year with motivation of weight reduction for fuel-efficiency improvement and design flexibility.

Principal Products

  • 車載用樹脂原料

    Engineering plastic resins for automotive applications

    Commodity resins and high-performance engineering resins

  • 炭素繊維

    Carbon fiber

    Tows and prepregs

  • 各種エラストマー

    Automotive molds

    Design / building plastic injection molds at a joint venture in India

Electronic materials and automotive electronic manufacturing services (EMS)

Providing essential materials for substrates surface mounting from upstream to downstream

We cover whole supply chain from raw materials for CCL (Copper Clad Laminates), PCB (Printed Circuit Board), up to the EMS.
We engage EMS for automotive industry which requires high-level quality control practice and support electrification and electronic control of automotive parts.

Principal Products

  • 銅張積層板向け材料

    Materials for copper-clad laminates

    High-performance engineering plastic resins, copper foil, glass paper

  • 銅張積層板

    Copper-clad laminates

  • プリント配線基板(中国から検品・輸入)

    Printed circuit boards

  • 電子材料・部品

    Electronic components and parts

    LEDs, diodes, etc.

Commissioned Products

  • EMS




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