Providing a variety of solutions to escalating environmental requirements based on own global network for logistics and intelligence network, know-how, and expertise.

Our Environmental Sustainability Business Office had started its operation in 2019 and is working to create new businesses in recycling and renewable field.
Basic policy is to specialize in the 2Rs (Recycle, Renewable).
Distribution of recycled resins and biomass-derived resins, formation of plastic resin waste collection system, development of new recycling system with quality control, participation in renewable material developments, and so forth.


Two ways for used plastics recycling

We use two recycling methods in plastic resin recycling.
1st one is to collect used plastic products, grind, wash/cleanse, dry, and re-pelletize them.
2nd one is to return used plastic products to oil or monomer with using several different technical methods and re-polymerize plastic resins through same process as petrochemicals.
We contribute to plastic resin waste reduction through this recycling businesses (Currently Japan has 8million tons of plastic resins waste annually.

Recycling Method


Material Recycling

We contribute to a recycling-based society by recovering plastic resources such as agricultural film, stretch film, and recycling them for other purposes.


Chemical Recycling

We are evaluating best technology in terms of cost efficiency and coverage of types of scrap resins to commercialize sustainable business model in chemical recycling.


Collaboration with multiple partners in eco-friendly resin production from non-fossil fuel feedstock or biodegradable plastic resin production

We have been distributing non-fossil-fuel oriented and biomass-based resins since 2012 starting from distribution start of “I’m Green Polyethylene” (Green PE) by Brazilian “Braskem”.
Green PE is made from botanical feedstock (sugarcane waste molasses). Sugarcane absorbs CO2 in its cultivation process more than CO2 emission in production and transportation process of Green PE. Green PE contributes to Green House issues as a carbon-neutral products from above mentioned background.
We keep on promoting such eco-friendly biomass-oriented resins and also will develop biodegradable resins from renewable feedstock.

Inedible biomass


We are exploring the commercialization of pulp-derived bioplastics in cooperation with “Oji Holdings Corporation” and we have started collaboration with “Daio Paper Corporation” as well from 2023.

Biomass marine biodegradation


We focus on PHA resin which has high degradation performance in soil and marine environments under collaboration with mass-production technology holder.
We keep on participating in marine biodegradable resin development not limited to PHA resin,


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