A leading plastic resin distributor with large handling volume and wide range of handling items.

Sojitz Pla-Net Corporation is core division company of Sojitz Group dedicating in plastic resin related businesses. Our turnover is at top level amongst Japanese plastic trading companies.
In long experience in the plastic industry, we establish solid supply chain in various industry with synthetic resin demand throughout the world.
We trade a wide range of materials from commodity resins to high-performance resins and plastic elastomers. Promotion of recycled resins is a new which we give our sales resources.


Plastic Resin Materials

From commodity resins to high-performance resins, recycled resins and plastic elastomers

As a leading performance polymer distributor, turnover is at top level in amount and product line covers from commodity resins to engineering plastics and plastic elastomers.

Principal Products

  • 汎用樹脂

    Commodity resins

    PE, PP, PS, PET, PVC (Origin from Japan domestic and overseas)

  • 高機能樹脂

    Performance resins

    ABS, PC, PMMA, POM, PET, PBT, PA, modified-PPE, PPS, LCP, PEEK, fluoropolymers, etc.

  • 各種エラストマー

    Plastic Elastomers

  • 熱硬化性樹脂

    Thermosetting resins

  • 各種添加剤

    Additives for plastic compounds

  • リサイクル樹脂

    Recycled resins

    r-PC by “Shanghai Ausell Material Technology” (China)
    r-PP / r-PS / r-ABS by various suppliers


  • Materials for consumer electronics and amusement equipment
  • Office automation equipment
  • Construction materials for housing
  • Neat resins for compounding
  • Materials for food / industrial packaging
  • Materials for non-woven fabrics

Plastic Resin related products

Offering equipment for manufacturing plastic resins, injection molding, and other resin processing

On customers’ demands, we offer equipment matching requirements based on our network of machine makers.

Processing equipment, Auxiliary materials and processing technology for plastic resins and arrangement of license

Please contact us for any inquiries related to the production of molding materials and resin molding.
Our knowledge and network, backed by our extensive transaction experience, will be at your service.

Sales and rental service of products

  • 射出成形機

    Diecasting machines

  • 押出/インフレ成形機

    Extruding machines / inflation molding machines

  • 金型


  • Mold cleaning machine

  • Inspection jigs

Electronic manufacturing services and electronic materials

As the sole distributor in Japan for CCL (Copper Clad Laminates) by “Shengyi Technology”, China. We offer a wide range of CCL and related services especially for CEM-3 and FR-4. Some grades are available from our inventory, and small-volume order can be acceptable.

Electronic manufacturing services and electronic materials

  • Substrate surface mounting

  • Industrial design

  • Amusement related equipment

  • LED related products


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