Basic Policy基本方針





As one of a subsidiary companies of the global trading firm "Sojitz Group", we "Sojitz Pla-Net" play a pivotal role in the Plastics (synthetic resins) sector and handle a broad range of products from materials including Plastics upto processed plastic products for various applications and industries globally.
The world is experiencing intense changes in the external environment, such as increasing geopolitical risks, political and economic uncertainties, rising awareness of climate change and environmental issues, efforts towards achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and the acceleration of digitalization. Amidst these changes, we recognize our society requires restructuring of supply chains from a global perspective to adapt diversification of the ways and needs to realize decarbonized society. We feel a heightened expectation for our services under these circumstances. For over a decade of time, our company has been handling biomass plastics derived from sugarcane blackstrap molasses, contributing to the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions. We have actively engaged in the handling and commercialization of environmental materials such as biomass, biodegradable, and recycled plastics. We, "Sojitz Pla-Net" as the whole unitedly, will continue to implement environmentally friendly initiatives to contribute to sustainable anf renewable "circular society".
Under the corporate philosophy(statement) of "Seeks to create the best possible value and contribute to the growth of society through creativity and a spirit of sincerity while bringing happiness to its employees", our group strives through creativity and innovation, and propose the best value and services that meet the needs of our customers and the market. We aim to contribute to our customers, grow with them, and become a trusted partner. We will keep on pursuing unconventional thinking / ideas and originality for the future and show our unique Sojitz identity.
Each of our employees is committed to continuing challenges for the next generation, building a business network around the world filled with satisfaction and smiles of our customers and business partners with sincere heart. This is the philosophy of "Sojitz Pla-Net".

代表董事社长 武智 彰久