Corporate Philosophy

The Sojitz Pla-Net Group seeks to create the best possible value and contribute to the growth of society through creativity and a spirit of sincerity while bringing happiness to its employees.


As a plastics trading company, we aim to create a safe, secure, environmentally friendly, and prosperous society by taking on the challenge of new business domains while leveraging the use of plastics.

Basic Policy

We aim to achieve sustainable growth by taking on the challenge of maximizing our business value, which combines the two values of value for the Sojitz Group and value for society.

We strive to contribute to the environment (creating a low-carbon, recycling-oriented society) and local communities (safety and security) by developing our plastics business and taking on the challenge of new businesses, thereby enhancing our corporate value.

Message from the President


As a core operating company in charge of the plastics business of Sojitz Corporation, a general trading company, we have been supplying plastics and other materials, parts, and products to a wide range of industries, including the automotive, electrical, electronics, home appliances, office automation, housing equipment, and other industrial sectors, as well as packaging containers to the food industry, by leveraging our expertise and network to achieve the in-house completion of domestic transactions, imports, exports, international trade, as well as business investments and loans. In addition to Europe and the Americas, where we have been operating our business in high-performance barrier packaging for food for 31 years, we also carry products globally in China and other parts of Asia.

Looking around the world, the external environment is undergoing drastic changes, such as rising geopolitical risks, political and economic uncertainties, a growing awareness of ESG issues such as climate change and the environment, SDGs initiatives to achieve a sustainable society, accelerating digitalization, and the diversification of values and needs.

Plastics have become widely used due to their convenience, durability, and lightweight nature, and they have enriched our lives as something that is always around us. They have also contributed to the environment by making automobiles more lightweight and reducing food waste by extending shelf life through food packaging that protects food from oxygen. However, there has been a strong perception in recent times of plastic as a material with a negative environmental impact as it is made from oil- and gas-derived raw materials and is often used in single-use applications due to its low cost and convenience. For many years, we have been working with bioplastics derived from sugarcane bagasse, which contributes to the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions, while also actively engaging in the handling and commercialization of ecofriendly materials such as recycled, biomass-derived, and biodegradable plastics, primarily through our Environmental Sustainability Business Office, with the goal of becoming a resource-recycling corporation that is committed to creating a sustainable society

In line with the Group’s corporate philosophy of “seeking to create the best possible value and contribute to the growth of society through creativity and a spirit of sincerity while bringing happiness to its employees,” we contribute to customers by developing and offering the best possible value and services that take the environment into consideration and cater to customer and market needs through our day-to-day creativity, with the goal of growing together with our customers and becoming their trusted partner.
Sojitz Pla-Net is a company where each and every employee continues to take on new challenges with an eye on future generations and build a network of satisfied and smiling customers and business partners around the world with their sincere attitude.

Akihisa Takechi Representative Director & President


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